This is a parody of Iron Maiden's "Invaders".

Blazers have been sighted the evidence of war has begun,

Many Tiffin fighting men their pens and rulers gleaming in the sun.

Call to class defend yourselves get ready to stand and fight for your work,

Exam day has come around so be prepared don't run stand your ground.

They're coming across the road,

They've come the enemy.

Beneath the shiny moon,

The battle has to be won.



Set ablaze the Bunsen burners alert the other kids from the class,

Merits must be given there's not enough kids here for a stand.

The KGS's are too many much too powerful to take on our own,

We must have Tiffin girls now we can't fight this battle on our own.

They're coming over the road,

They've come to attack.

They're coming in to goad,

There's no turning back.



Rubbers grind and glue sticks clash as wounded students fall to the ground,

Severed fingers and deadly woundings bloody pupils lie all around.

The smell of farts and burning flesh the classroom weary fight to the end,

The Tiffins have been overpowered victims of the mighty Kings(ton)men.

You'd better retreat and sprint,

The battles lost not won.

You'd better get away to fight another school.

Ashwindolas...raping (Miss Clarke).


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