Artist's impression of a human creeper

The Creeper is the mascot of Minecraft. It is a four - legged, green suicidal beast that chases after people and blows up when they get too close. It is not advised to fight a creeper without a bow, but more experienced players can run up to creepers, hit them with their sword and quickly run back. Unlike zombies, skeletons and Endermen, creepers do not catch fire in direct sunlight. Creepers can spawn anywhere with a light level of 7 or less.

Creepers have a formidable reputation among players because of their potential to damage players and destroy player-made structures, which has made them a widely-recognizable Minecraft icon. They are referenced in several of the items available at the Minecraft merchandise depot, and have become an internet meme complete with fan art, web comic references, and demotivational posters. A central part of the meme is the creeper's unofficial catchphrase derived from the mob's tendency to sneak up on the player and hiss before detonating:

"That'sssss a very nice ___________ (everything, house, etc.) you have there... It'd be a ssssshame if sssssomething were to happen to it..."

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