Extended Mags returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and is available to the player for 500-1000 [1], depending on the weapon. It can be seen on nearly all weapons. This is not to be confused with Dual Mags, which is another attachment new in Black Ops that decreases reload time by taping 2 magazines together.

Unlike in Modern Warfare 2, the magazine model changes (in first and third person) when extended mags are used, just like in Call of Duty: World at War. A notable example of this are the HK21 and RPK, where they will be given drum magazines, and be called "HK21 Drum Mag" or "RPK Drum Mag". Other weapons will be shown using longer magazines. The exception to this are the M14, and M60, which do not use a different magazine model.

Due to balancing purposes, a weapon cannot accept Extended Mags and Dual Mags at the same time by using Warlord.

Magazine Size With Extended Magazines Edit

Weapon Regular Magazine Extended Mags
ASP 7 N/A (Cannot accept Extended Mags)
M1911 7 14
Makarov 8 12
Python 6 N/A (Cannot accept Extended Mags)
CZ75 12 18
Assault Rifles
Weapon Regular Magazine Extended Mags
M16 30 45
Enfield 30 45
M14 20 30
Famas 30 45
Galil 35 50
AUG 30 45
FN FAL 20 30
AK47 30 45
Commando 30 45
G11 48 N/A (Cannot accept Extended Mags)
Submachine Guns
Weapon Regular Magazine Extended Mags
MP5k 30 45
Skorpion 20 30
MAC11 20 30
AK-74u 30 45
Uzi 32 48
PM-63 20 30
MPL 32 N/A (Cannot accept Extended Mags)
Spectre 30 45
Kiparis 20 30
Light machine guns
Weapon Regular Magazine Extended Mags
HK21 30 60 (80 in SP)
RPK 40 80 (75 in SP)
M60 100 200
Stoner63 30 60
Sniper Rifles
Weapon Regular Magazine Extended Mags
Dragunov 10 15
WA2000 6 12
L96A1 5 10
PSG1 5 10

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