Sgt Frank Woods Black ops by spyash2
Sergeant Frank Woods is the main non-playable charcter in Black Ops. He was part of the S.O.G. and has a tattoo of the USMC on his left arm. Woods won the VGA best character of the year award in 2010.

Black OpsEdit

During Call of Duty: Black Ops, Woods was an ally of Mason. He is with Mason during Operation 40, Operation Flashpoint, Khe Sanh and Laos. He, Mason and Bowman are captured in Laos by the Viet Cong and are forced to play Russian Roulette. Bowman is killed and Woods survives, along with Mason. They then escape and use a captured Hind to get to Kravchenko in his office. At the office, Woods stabs Kravchenko. During his alleged last minutes Kravchenko pulls the pin on a grenade belt and throws himself and Woods out of a window.

However, neither were killed. The grenade belt somehow unhitched from Kravchenko and flew far away enough so that nobody was harmed. Lev then recovered and sent Woods to Hanoi Hilton. He was moved again 6 months later to a POW camp, where he escaped.

Black Ops 2Edit

In 2025, Woods is in a facility called 'The Vault' and is age 95. He was visited by the Joint Special Operations Command, with David Mason, Alex Mason's son, a member of it. No spoilers will be released until a month after the game's release.

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