Learn how to use your tentacle arm in this book.

This guide will tell you how to get a tentacle arm that grows back when cut off in ten easy steps
  1. Go and live in California
  2. Get your Father to be the Head of Police in the local area
  3. Get him to teach you how to use a gun
  4. Shoot your next door neighbour in the knee (No, with the gun, not an arrow)
  5. Get sent to Coates Academy
  6. Become sadistic
  7. Wait for the FAYZ
  8. Do whatever a telekinetic guy says for you to do
  9. Get your arm burned off by a guy who can shoot flaming light from his hands
  10. Visit the Gaiaphage and get Lana to give you a new arm!

Enjoy your arm!

DISCALIMER: You have to be called Drake Merwin from the Gone books to do this.

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