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The Mini-Uzi is regularly seen during the Militia Campaign, and is the weapon used during the boat chase in "Endgame". It is also seen used by enemies during different Spec Ops.


The Mini-Uzi returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In Modern Warfare 2, the Mini-Uzi is a much better weapon than its Call of Duty 4 counterpart, because its recoil has been reduced significantly. It is now unlocked at Level 44 in multiplayer.

The Mini-Uzi is incredibly effective in close to mid-range combat, and to an extent, long range. When used with Stopping Power in maps such as Skidrow, Scrapyard, or Rust, although the Mini-Uzi is already powerful, some people like to pair it with Hardline for a team player class, or Lightweight for a run and gun tactic. It is also a good alternative to carrying a shotgun, as it is deadly when used in close quarters, which frees up the secondary weapon slot. Good secondary weapons include handguns or machine pistols because the Mini-Uzi has a slow reload, and is very ineffective for reload canceling. Although it has less recoil than its Call of Duty 4 counterpart, when equipped with Rapid Fire it earns a significantly large amount of recoil and for some players may be hard to control. Additionally, unlike its predecessor, the Mini-Uzi features the lowest raise and drop times in the SMG catergory at just .55 and .45 seconds.

Equipping a Silencer to the Mini-Uzi is a viable option as muzzle flash and some opaque smoke exits the barrel of the gun, obstructing the view of the target, also, a Red Dot Sight/Holographic sight are popular options due to the fact that the iron sights are misaligned (the actual destination of the bullet is just below the tip). Despite its low starting ammo count, it also pairs well with Marathon, as it has very high mobility. Scavenger is a popular perk for Mini-Uzi users, because of the low ammo and high fire rate. It is not advised to use the Rapid Fire attachment with the Mini-Uzi because it increases kick and the Mini-Uzi already has a very high rate of fire. If Rapid Fireis equipped it is best to only fire in very short bursts or from the hip to maintain accuracy, however it is somewhat useful as in CQB it decreases the TTK (Time To Kill) and so that will win more gunfights.

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