Hanna with her moo baa phone.

Moo baa, double quack ,double quack is a made up phone number on the children's TV show, Hanna's Helpline. It is a number that distressed children (such as sleepwalkers and clumsy idiots) call to get Hanna to come over to help them. The number is repeated about 50 times every episode and drills into your head very quickly. Moo baa, double quack, double quack is just as deadly as Nova 6 and it is advised not to have contact with it.

WARNING! Moo Baa Double Quack Double Quack is not an excuse NOT to use Childline (0800 1111). Please use responsibly. Buy your own copy at Sky channel 105 at 8:40 to 8:50. While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.Edit

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