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The Mortar Team strikes three areas on the map, each selected before the strike is called in. Two mortar rounds are fired at each target and the explosion is about 7 meters in diameter. It takes a few seconds for the mortars to start firing after the locations are chosen, so anticipation of where enemies will be instead of just where they are now will ensure the most kills. In objective based games, it is also useful to place the mortar strikes on the objectives, as this is where the enemy will be headed most of the time. Another good strategy is to place the strikes on an enemy team's spawn area.


  • It is effective to use all three strikes in one location, especially in objective based game modes. For example, in demolition, if there is one bomb site left, you can keep enemies away with mortars strikes.
  • If you are playing Domination on Radiation, a good strategy could be to open the doors in the middle of the map and use Mortar Team there because many people run around down there and try to capture the flag.
  • In the map Nuketown, use all three strikes on the middle street, where most of the fighting is done.
  • Also in Nuketown it is advised to use 2 mortars at the enemy spawn point and one at the middle of the street to ensure more kills.
  • It is also advisable to place the first two mortar locations where the fighting is at, and call the third strike on the enemies' spawn, so they are killed in their spawn after being killed in the action.
  • If you can place your mortar coordinates near a still helicopter, it will destroy that helicopter after 2 hits, much like the SAM Turret's damage on helicopters.
  • Even if friendly fire is not active, the player will still receive the Shellshock effect (blurred vision, reduced movement speed) from a friendly mortar team.

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