EDIT- I now like the bands Hypocrisy, Edge of Sanity and Bolt Thrower too. They are good death metal bands. Their lyrics are not about crazy pseudo-Satanic bullshit either. A real Satanist is King Diamond, and he says that Satanism is not a religion, nor is it about killing virgins and black cats. Read about it- (that's just his site), or Google search LaVey Satanism (or King Diamond). No, King Diamond does not do black metal.

EDIT II- I now enjoy many, many death metal bands. I still hate the ones below (although Morbid Angel is an exception), but death metal is awesome. There's also one black metal band I like (Emperor) but that will be for a different page.

I'll keep this page, but it is very out of date with my current tastes. Enjoy!

These are MY views on the subgenre of heavy metal called death metal. 

Amazing Death Metal:Edit


Atheist - Mother Man08:31

Atheist - Mother Man

Mother Man

Atheist are a Death/Thrash Metal band with jazz influences, and I think they’re brilliant. Their lyrics are not about gore- rather they are philosophical. The first track on their classic second album, 1991’s Unquestionable Presence, sounds amazing! Its title is Mother Man and the bass work on it is some of the best I’ve ever heard. They’re definitely one of my favourite bands.

Excellent Death Metal:Edit


Death - Crystal Mountain (HD)05:09

Death - Crystal Mountain (HD)

Crystal Mountain

I like Death’s albums from their Spiritual Healing album onwards, when they moved away from the gore of their previous albums and focused on themes about society and reality. My favourite Death album is Symbolic, from 1995- it’s extremely technical, but yet quite progressive. I would say it also has a thrash edge to it.

Very Good Death Metal:Edit


Carcass - Heartwork (Music Video) HD04:37

Carcass - Heartwork (Music Video) HD


Carcass’ albums Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious and Heartwork are excellent- this is when they stopped having shitty gory lyrics in their almost goregrind songs and made the first melodic death metal album (Heartwork). I can hear a real Iron Maiden influence in the music and again, a thrash edge to it. The lyrics are similar to Death’s, yet slightly more morbid. The title track of Heartwork is very, very catchy.

List of Death Metal bands I don't like (some of the most popular)-

  • Cannibal Corpse (gore)
  • Deicide (pseudo-Satan)
  • Obituary (gore)
  • Morbid Angel (gore/pseudo-Satan)


Disclaimer- This is all my opinion. Please don’t rant about this in the comments. Thank you.

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