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Nuketown is a very small map in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is probably the most popular map, because of its capabilities of getting fast XP.

It has two houses you can enter; the green house and the yellow house. There is also a red house which you cannot enter. Both of the houses you can enter have gardens, containing a variety of objects. The houses are also two-story, allowing you to access the upper and ground floor. In the middle area there are two large vehicles. One has the words Westward Moving & Delivery on it (a reference to WMD), you can enter this one through three entrances. The other vehicles is a yellow school bus with the words, Treyarch Unified School District (a reference to the games maker, Treyarch) you cannot enter it, and it is used mainly a cover. The map is also scattered with mannequins which you can shoot/ knife the heads and arms off. At the end of a match, a nuclear bomb will go off, destroying the entire map.

Here are some random facts about Nuketown:

  • If you shoot the heads off all the mannequins in 15 seconds the song 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones will play
  • There is a double rainbow in the sky, a reference to the viral video
  • You can see the Doomsday clock on a tower from the yellow houses garden.
  • There is a sign near the green house saying, 'Welcome to Nuketown, Population [number of players in the map)
  • This map was inspired by the film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It is based off the scene when Jones comes across a nuclear testing site which is about to be obliterated by a nuclear bomb
  • One of the houses is a replica of the Brady Bunch house
  • The mailboxes in the map are labelled Woods and Mason the mailboxes outside the map say Hudson and Weaver
  • A street sign saying Trinity Ave can be seen, this is a reference to the nuclear bomb tests, Trinity Tests

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