Radiation is a multiplayer map from Call of duty: Black Ops. It is set in Mine N1, Vorkuta, Komi Republic, USSR.

It is a large uranium processing facility. It features a conveyor belt which leads to an instant death. It also features a pair of steel blast doors which can be opened and closed by pressing a switch on either side of the map. These two switches are of high importance in Domination, because the B flag is underneath the blast doors. Also, the B flag has tunnels leading directly to flag A and C. It is also of importance in Demolition, where the A bomb site is below the doors, and to have a chance of winning the doors must be closed.

The switches are opposite each other on the map. One is between to giant tanks, the other is in the large factory on the south.


  • Attack Dogs cannot climb ladders, and luckily four are featured on this map. You can also camp from dogs at the conveyor belt, as the dogs will not avoid the instant death trap.
  • If the doors are open, an aerial killstreak (Gunship, Chopper Gunner, Attack Helicopter e.t.c.) can shoot into the tunnels. It is essential to close the doors as soon as a helicopter is spotted. There is also an opening in the factory ceiling that helicopters can shoot into.
  • This map has many camping areas. There is a ladder in the north-east of the map, the conveyor belt, a building in the south-west corner (it has two entrances, and is a very effective camping spot) and a small walkway right in front of the green building (you must crouch here). However, the walkway is very well known.

Now for some random facts:

  • There are two clocks in this map which shows exactly the right time.
  • The large tanks in the factory will not explode from weapons, but will explode if a napalm strike/ explosive killstreak is used on it. The explosion will kill anyone near by.
  • Jumping into the green liquid in the factory (which appears to be nuclear waste) will kill you instantly
  • This liquid seems to disappear when a Tactical Insertion is placed next to it
  • There is a secret RC-XD tunnel in this map
  • Equipment put on the blast door will be destroyed when it is opened
  • Equipment does not move on the conveyor belt
  • The blast doors will let fire pass through it
  • The blast doors will crush people lying under it while it is closing