Room Defense is a fan-improvised game mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was originally designed by Spookystorm, but now it is played by various other COD players, such as TEXAS187 and Neil Luca De Carlo. To play you must have especially designed classes and two or more players. It is played in Nuketown. It can be played offline on Veteran with 5-8 CPUs or online on any Team Deathmatch server


Both players must enter and camp in an upstairs bedroom in either the green or the yellow house. They must defend the room from oncoming enemies for as long as possible. The game is over when both players are outside the room.

Recommended Class:

1. Galil with Masterkey attatchment

M1911 with extended mags/ China Lake

2. AUG With Masterkey Attachment

M1911 With Extended Mag

With Every Weapon Use This Other Stuff:


Concussion Grenade

Motion sensor/ Tactical Insertion

Scavenger Pro

Sleight of Hand Pro/ Steady Aim Pro

Second Chance Pro

Tips from Spookystorm:

  • Use the Yellow house if possible as you can camp above the bunk bed or on top of the door.
  • Shooting out the window is Essential to eliminate oncoming threats.
  • DO NOT use the Claymore, if an enemy with Flak Jacket (Pro) destroys your Claymore, you've lost your equipment
  • Never use snipers, they may be good for picking off enemies entering through the front door, but they are useless in an attack from enemies from the back garden. Even if you are a decent Noscoper/ Quickscoper, it still isn't worth using
  • Watch out for enemies coming up from the window balcony, their attacks are often unexpected
  • This game mode is NOT FOR NOOBS, if you have no idea how to aim/ how to throw a grenade, this game mode is not for you
  • If large groups come in at once, do not panic. Just stay calm and take them out
  • The Semtex is useful for taking out large groups. Simply throw it where they are about to walk or stick it to an enemy. You will often get 2+ kills.

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