Tmp 6

The TMP is first available on "Team Player" in both Akimbo and single variants. The TMP is available in "No Russian" from dead security guards, and can be found with Akimbo and Red Dot Sight. It is also found in "Loose Ends" on dead Ultranationalists and in the Armory in the basement, where it has a Red Dot Sight. It can also be found in the mission "Just Like Old Times" being carried by some members of Shadow Company where it can also be found as Akimbo with Red Dot Sight. The TMP is also available in the Special Ops missions "Estate Takedown", "Overwatch" and "Hidden".


The TMP is unlocked at rank 58. It has a high rate of fire, quick reload, high accuracy, and low recoil, but this is offset by its very low magazine capacity. Also, the gun's reload time with a completely empty magazine is fairly slow, so Sleight of Hand and Reload Canceling are recommended. Scavenger is helpful when the TMP is being used as more than just a back-up weapon due to its low reserve ammo count. The iron sights of the TMP are bulky, but easy to use due to the tritium front post in the middle. The TMP is effective at all ranges, but player accuracy is of utmost importance, as missing too much requires reloading often during combat. This gun is a poor choice when used with Akimbo, as even with Steady Aim the cross-hairs are very large. When used with Extended Mags, it has improved performance, gaining a 25 round magazine, essentially making it into a sub machine gun.

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