The Randomonia Divines are, according to the leaders of the wiki, the most amazing people in existance. They should ascend to the godly heavens and use their brilliance to make everyone worship them.


  1. Ainsley Harriott [1], God of Oiling 
  2. Andreas Boyde [2], God of Piano
  3. Wise Dragon [3], God of Engrish
  4. Nikki Sixx [4], God of Feeling Good
  5. Vaas Montenegro[5], God of Insanity
  6. Nicolas Cage [6], God of Bees, Misfiling Files, Bear Suits, Vampires and Prickly Pears
  7. Nazeem[7], God of People who Don't go to the Cloud District
  8. Jacques Le Blanc, Goddess of Things that are 'Not a Bomb'
  9. Brandon Flowers[8], God of Flowers
  10. David Bowie[9], God of Gnomes, Space Oddities and Life on Mars
  11. Yellowkey1's Mother, Goddess of Rants and Xrays
  12. Captainole, God of Annonymous, Time 2 Die!
  13. Old Beardo[10], God of Bearded Old Wizards 
  14. Hannah Hart[11], Goddess of Lesbeens and Subscribbles
  15. The Lovin' Spoonful, Gods of Believing in Magic
  16. Kim Kelly[12], God of No Tombstones
  17., God of Autotune and Bad Music
  18. Axl Rose, God of SECURITY
  19. Rawhead Rex, God of Crosseyed Monsters
  20. Nicky Wire, God of Leopard Skin Print and Fashion Hazards
  21. Jo Bench, Goddess of Bolt Throwing


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